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Name Changes

Since 2004, Florida family law attorney Sandy T. Fox has provided Florida residents with legal counsel for their family law needs. Board Certified as a specialist in Marital & Family Law by The Florida Bar, Sandy T. Fox has the knowledge and skill to guide you through Florida’s many administrative family law processes, including obtaining a name change.

Florida Name Changes

Florida residents may seek to have their name changed for legal reasons, such as marriage or a divorce, or for more personal reasons such as a significant life event. In Florida, any individual is entitled to a name change as long as they (1) have never been arrested or found guilty of a crime; (2) have never been declared bankrupt; (3) do not have any money judgments against them; and (4) are not seeking to change their name for an ulterior or illegal purpose. All name changes must be filed in the county where the individual resides.

Name Change for Marriage or Divorce

In Florida, changing your name because of a recent marriage or divorce is a much simpler process than attempting a name change for another reason. After an individual is married, they will receive a certified marriage certificate. Similarly, after a divorce, one can obtain an official divorce decree. These two documents serve as legal justification for a name change and can be used to notify the appropriate Florida government agencies of your new name, including the Department of Motor Vehicles and the Social Security Office.

Name Change for Another Purpose

Obtaining a name change for a purpose other than marriage or divorce requires the filing of a Florida Petition for Change of Name of an Adult. This petition must include:

  • Current name and the name to be changed to
  • Current residence and all residences since birth
  • Birth information and biological parents’ names
  • Names of all family members
  • Current occupation and all positions held in the past five years
  • Education
  • Criminal history
  • The purpose for the name change.

Additionally, the petitioner must obtain state and federal background checks to accompany the petition and fingerprints from the Florida Department of Law Enforcement. All of this paperwork must be filed with the Florida courts.

The Florida courts may hold a name change hearing to consider a name change petition after all paperwork has been received. However, if there are no objections to the name change prior to the court date, a judge may grant the petition without a final hearing. Once the petition is granted, the petitioner will receive a Florida Name Change Judgment, which acts as legal documentation of the official name change and can be used to change a name with any of Florida’s administrative agencies.

Changing Your Name Quickly and Efficiently

If you are seeking a name change after a marriage or divorce, or for other personal reasons, Miami family law attorney Sandy T. Fox is here to guide you through the administrative name change process. At the Law Offices of Sandy T. Fox, we understand the complicated documentary requirements of obtaining a name change, and can help you to avoid the time-consuming burden of filing a name change petition by doing so on your behalf. If you have questions about obtaining a name change in Florida, contact the Law Offices of Sandy T. Fox, P.A., for a confidential consultation at 800.596.0579 or online.