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Parenting Coordination

Navigating the child custody process in Florida can be a difficult and emotional endeavor. When parents disagree on the role they should play in their children’s lives, or the extent to which they are willing to share time with their former husband or wife, heated conflicts can arise. One method of addressing such custody disputes is to use the Florida Parenting Coordinator program, a public resolution process offered by the state. Florida family law attorney Sandy T. Fox is a Board Certified Family and Marital Law specialist who can assist you in participating in this program.

Florida Parenting Coordination

Florida Parenting Coordination is a conflict resolution process dedicated to assisting parents who are involved in contentious or high-conflict child custody proceedings. In order to enroll in the Parenting Coordination program, a lawyer or representative of either parent can request that a judge overseeing a divorce or custody case order the participation of the parents. Even in the absence of a specific request, a judge may issue such an order if he or she believes it would benefit the parents in a case. Once enrolled in the program, the parents are assigned a Parenting Coordinator who will meet with them for an initial two-hour session. Subsequent meetings are held depending on the needs of the parents. All Parenting Coordinator meetings are confidential.

The Role of the Parenting Coordinator

Parenting Coordinators appointed by the court are held to a rigorous standard. They must be highly skilled and experienced individuals who are either a licensed mental health professional, licensed physician, certified family law mediator, or an attorney. All Parenting Coordinators must be Supreme Court certified family mediators. Using these skills, the goal of a Parenting Coordinator is to assist parents in establishing a mutually acceptable parenting plan and time-sharing arrangement for their children. Parenting Coordinators do this by helping to educate parents about their custody options and the effect of stressful custody proceedings on children, encouraging communication skills, offering recommendations and, in very limited circumstances, making decisions for the parents that are in the best interest of the child. Parenting Coordinators also play an important role in helping to keep parents accountable to the decisions and compromises they may have made with regard to their children.

Requesting a Parenting Coordinator to Assist You

South Florida family law attorney Sandy T. Fox is a strong advocate for the use of Parenting Coordinators where they may be helpful in resolving lingering disputes between parents. Representing clients in divorce and family law matters since 2004, Mr. Fox understands that such disputes can be stressful and traumatic for all involved, both parents and children. For this reason, he will not hesitate to ask the court to appoint an impartial Parenting Coordinator when it can best serve you. Additionally, the Law Offices of Sandy T. Fox, P.A. can also assist in identifying qualified and impartial coordinators who may be best suited to the needs of your case. If you are currently involved in a custody dispute, or anticipate issues of child custody arising during a divorce, Mr. Fox is available to assist you in determining whether the Parenting Coordination Program may be helpful for you. To discuss these issues or your other options, contact us for a confidential consultation at 800.596.0579 or online.