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Miami Divorce Lawyer

Serving All South Florida with a Personal Touch

Deciding to end a marriage can be difficult for any family. We at Karlan & Associates know that our clients take marriage and divorce seriously. They turn to us to provide compassionate, experienced counsel to handle their divorce and other family law issues.

Miami divorce attorney Charlotte Karlan has more than 25 years of experience meeting clients' legal needs. In her practice, she has developed an understanding of family law from both sides and uses her extensive knowledge of family law issues to be a strong advocate for our clients.

Our clientele includes people of all walks of life whose cases vary in complexity and temperament across the spectrum, from the simple uncontested divorce with no children, support or property issues to the high-conflict cases involving issues of parental responsibility, time sharing, relocation, property distribution and support.

Our comprehensive family law practice can see you through the challenging times ahead when there are family disputes. We can take your case from beginning to end, through mediation, litigation or the collaborative process.

Child custody issues include advice and preparation of parenting plans where the parents' parental rights and responsibilities are presented to the court. Getting the desired terms of child custody and support is one of the greatest concerns our clients with children face when going through a divorce or end their relationship. We help them sort through the children's issues that arise during the process and serve as a legal advocate and advisor for our clients and their children during these difficult times.

Our offices are near the border between Miami-Dade and Broward counties; we see clients in Miami-Dade, Broward, Monroe and Palm Beach counties.

Because of the central location of our offices, our Miami child support attorney Charlotte Karlan frequently serves as a Broward County child support attorney in divorce and paternity cases. Child support cases arise when a parent is asking for an initial order, or asking for modification, enforcement, and asking for the child support order to be extended beyond age 18 or terminated when the child is legally emancipated. Our child custody lawyer is a passionate advocate for her clients' positions, committed to protecting the children and obtaining fair results for the parents.

When it comes to issues related to children, the law is always changing. Charlotte Karlan was involved in the changes that helped make child support calculations more equitable and effective in protecting the children's needs. She has proposed and written statutes and rules that help parents and children get fair outcomes.

The Right Approach for Other Family Law Concerns

For our clients who are entering marriage, we help them consider whether to have a prenuptial agreement, and if so, how to go about getting one. We have the knowledge and experience to make these agreements a valuable tool to help our clients enter their marriage secure and ready for commitment. We have the sensitivity and knowledge to protect our client and not jeopardize the parties' commitment to marry.

Cohabitation agreements or domestic partnership agreements also fall within the scope of our practice.

One of the most difficult family law situations arises when there is a contested claim of paternity. We are sensitive to our clients' needs in this area and work to achieve the goals that our clients set in regard to paternity and the associated issues of parental rights and responsibilities determining the level of involvement the parents have in raising their children.

While the elder law side of our practice is not strictly family law, the impact of elder law documents on the family cannot be overstated, no matter how old the client is. We counsel and prepare these documents so clients can designate someone other than the spouse to make health and financial decisions if the client becomes disabled and unable to manage those affairs. Some clients need documents that would protect the children in the event the client were to die or become incapacitated or incompetent. Some parents need durable powers of attorney to allow a relative to raise their children. We have expanded the elder law practice to include helping clients with issues of Medicare and Medicaid eligibility.

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We believe our clients deserve experienced, personalized legal support when going through a transition in their lives such as a divorce. The Miami divorce at Karlan & Associates, P.A., works to turn this challenging period into an opportunity for a new beginning. To speak with an experienced lawyer contact us online or call toll free 800-836-1732. We offer active-duty military and first responders a 25 percent discount on all fees.

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